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The Accelix online auction system is a flexible solution for supporting online auctions. The system has been designed to be highly-scalable and capable of supporting large numbers of bidders in an active auction. The Accelix auction system is oriented toward lot-based block auctions where a catalog of items is prepared for entry into the system in advance, and the auction takes place for all the items in the catalog over a fixed period of time. An example of a high profile client that uses this product is Huggins and Scott Auctions.

Unlike the commodity auction programs that cost a few hundred dollars, run on Windows servers, and can handle a few hundred people before they break under load, the Accelix auction system is an enterprise-based system that runs on several servers in order to distribute database I/O and web transactions. While it is possible to run the system on a single server, we generally recommend a minimum of three database servers and three web servers. These servers should have multi-core processors, large amounts of memory, and substantial Internet bandwidth. The base cost for the software is $50,000 USD, plus any modifications required by the buyer. We provide contract-based support to maintain the system and handle any technical support issues. It is not unusual for a site running the Accelix auction system to spend in excess of $100,000 in hardware and software when bringing up a new auction system.

To help businesses with financing the purchase of the Accelix auction system, we offer some attractive alternatives for consideration. First, we can provide a hosted solution for a $1,000 USD setup fee, a three percent consignment fee, and a three percent buyers fee. This allows an auction company to start building their business while they earn money to eventually acquire a system of their own. Second, we can provide leasing to help qualified purchasers acquire the software and hardware. Leasing can be very attractive for its tax advantages.

The system relies on several popular "open source" software tools to support the application. For the operating system, we prefer FreeBSD UNIX (64 bit). We can also support other types of UNIX operating systems, including Linux and Sun Solaris, and it may be possible to support Microsoft Windows Servers, although we would not recommend using Windows for any high performance application. The software is written in latest Perl 5.10 language, and runs on the Apache 2.2 web server. The database servers use MySQL 5.0, although it is also backwards compatible with earlier releases of MySQL.

The software is designed as a series of CGI programs that run on the Apache web server. We support multiple web servers, each running their own copy of the software. Updates are made on the primary web server and automatically replicated to the secondary web servers every ten minutes (the period is adjustable). To support a busy auction site, we recommend at least three high performance web servers. The web servers are separate from the database servers.

The database servers run MySQL 5.0 using master/slave replication. Under this configuration, there is one master server that is responsible for updates (inserts, updates, and deletes), and two or more slave servers that handle read requests (selects). Updates to the master server are replicated to the slave servers in under 10 milliseconds. This system is highly scalable. We can also support an even higher performance configuration known as NDB clustering without any changes to the application software. Both master/slave replication and NDB clustering allow the database to be distributed over multiple servers, providing a substantial level of redundancy in the event of a hardware failure.

For more information on our auction system, send email to , or call us at 301-572-2908.

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