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Accelix is the developer of the leading open source shopping cart for web e-commerce, OpenCart. OpenCart is an extremely flexible shopping cart that supports a wide range of capabilities. Some of the features of OpenCart include:
  • Online payment processing through Authorize.Net allows real-time authorization and capture of payments.

  • Functional replacement for the PayPal shopping cart, allowing users to switch easily from PayPal to a real merchant account without having to rewrite major sections of their e-commerce system.

  • Optional database control over merchandize, including pricing, options, and other attributes.

  • Support for drop shipping.

  • Support for static HTML or CGI based item pages.

  • Support for separate shipping and billing addresses.

  • Support for HTML templates to provide a consistent look and feel to the entire site.

  • Support for static web page generation using the contents of the item database.

  • Support for categorization, category lists, and automated generation of category pages.

  • Support for manufacturer tracking, manufacturer item lists, and automated generation of item lists for manufacturers.

  • Support for recommendation categories.

  • Software written in structured Perl using the MySQL database manage allows the shopping cart to be supported on servers running either UNIX or Windows.

  • Support for encrypted cookies, secure SSL, and JavaScript is included.
OpenCart is a relative new program, and while the shopping cart is fully functional, work is underway to add additional reports and web tools to retrieve information from the system. Accelix offers OpenCart on both a GPL basis and a license basis. Licensed users receive free phone and email support. Accelix is also available to install OpenCart on a consulting basis. If you would like to learn more about OpenCart, send email to or call 301-572-2908.

You can find more information on the GPL'ed version of OpenCart on the OpenCart website at

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