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Accelix Software Products
Enterprise Software Development Accelerator (ESDA)
Accelix's Enterprise Software Development Accelerator (ESDA) is a revolutionary new tool for developing database-oriented applications for the web. ESDA writes fully commented, structured code and can write more software in two seconds than a human being can write by hand in five years.
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Online Shopping Cart (OpenCart)
Accelix is the developer of the leading open source shopping cart for web e-commerce, OpenCart. OpenCart is an extremely flexible shopping cart that supports a wide range of capabilities. OpenCart can also be used as a functional replacement for the PayPal shopping cart.
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Accelix Conference Registration System (ACRS)
The Accelix Conference Registration System is a web-based application that can handle conferences of any size, from a casual gathering of a few people, to a large conference of 50,000 attendees or more. The system is designed to be able to accommodate nearly any type of conference format.
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Accelix Web Billing System (WBS)
The Accelix Web Billing System (WBS) is a web-based billing system for service organizations that need to track and manage billing for both recurring and non-recurring services. WBS is ideal for Internet service providers, web-hosting companies, and other types of service providers.
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Online Auction System
The Accelix online auction system is a flexible solution for supporting online auctions. The system can function as a one-way system for holding a mass auction that expires at a specific date and time, or can operate in an "Ebay" mode where items are added and run in their own cycles.
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Work Flow Management System (WFMS)
Accelix's work flow management system (WFMS) allows you to define common tasks that are required to provision services for customers. These tasks can span departments, be dependent upon the completion of other tasks, and can spawn the start of new tasks when the task at hand is completed.
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