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At Accelix, we have plenty of experience designing and building websites. We have built many different kinds of websites, including modern looking graphicly-rich websites, cutomer-centric e-commerce websites, customer support and informational websites, and business overview websites. We understand how to use graphics to convey a marketing image to viewers, how to organize data to make it easy to find, and how to make your pages load quickly over the Internet.

Unlike web design companies that only know how to do graphics and HTML, we also understand how to integrate software into your website. We can design search capabilities into a site, add email-based forms, or write an entire application with a database backend. For e-commerce websites that sell products online, we have software to generate product pages, category listings, and other info. We know how to utilize templates to provide a uniform look and feel, and we can show you how web template technology can lower your cost of maintaining and updating your site.

In addition to designing and building your website, we can host your website for you. We provide support for SSL encryption, shopping carts, CGI scripts, MySQL database support, search engines, search engine optimization, secure real-tim credit card processing, domain name hosting, email hosting, and other relevant web technologies.

If you would like to learn more about having Accelix design and build a website for your company, send email to or call us at 301-572-2908.

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