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Accelix Conference Registration System
The Accelix Conference and Event Registration System (ACES) is a powerful hosted solution for conference and event registration. The system is designed to accommodate meetings, conferences, conventions, tradeshows, workshops, and seminars. The software can support conferences of any size, from a casual gathering of 100 professionals, to a large conference of 50,000 attendees or more.

  • Only $3.00 per online registrant -- no size minimum.
  • Setup fee is $300.00, refundable if registration fees exceed $1,000.00.
  • We can have you live in 24 hours.
  • Includes a fully hosted web site.
  • No learning curve -- we do the work!
  • Nothing to install -- we run the software.
  • We provide 24x7 customer phone and email support.
  • We support PayPal and Authorize.Net for online payment.
  • Fully functional demo available upon request.
  • Contact us today:
    866-492-8820 - Toll Free
    301-572-2908 - Outside USA
    - Sales
    - Customer Support

The system is designed to be able to accommodate nearly any type of conference or meeting -- one organization with several members, multiple organizations with members attending an integrated event, and multiple tiers or tracks within each organization. Despite the ability to handle complex conference configurations, the system is very easy to use. To reduce the workload on meeting planners, Accelix takes care of configuring the software to the client's specifications -- all you need to do is complete a few forms to describe your conference and we take care of the rest.

ACES is composed of five basic subsystems -- conference registration, event registration, hotel registration, payment, and administration. The conference registration subsystem collects registration information for individual members. It can handle different types of members, multiple pricing levels, effective dating with automatic price changes, guest and spouse registration, and other common aspects. Here are a few features supported by the conference registration component of ACES:

  • Can support two different modes -- anonymous mode where changes are made by centralized staff, or membership mode which allows users to make modifications to their registration information with their own userid and password.

  • Support for multiple organizations holding joint conferences, with separate pricing for various conference tracks based on organization membership. Works fine for a single organization conference too.

  • Support for multiple conference tracks. For example, you can have a track for doctors, a track for nurses, a track for vendors, a track for guests, and a track for exhibits only. There is no limit to the number of tracks that can be defined.

  • Support for effective dating, allowing for automated price increases for conference tracks and events based on registration date.

  • Support for administrative assisted registrations, including special pricing, complementary registrations, and special conference tracks that require administrative approval (such as a conference speaker track).

  • Membership-based registration allows administrative personnel to register multiple personnel in an office and be able to make changes to those registrations without having to contact conference administrators to make the changes for them.

  • Email acknowledgement for seminar, event, hotel, and payment information.
The event registration subsystem of ACES is a complete subsystem for capturing advance reservations to specific events and seminars. Events can be restricted to specific registration tracks, or open to all registrants. This capability is also easily deactivated for conferences that do not have seminars and events. Here are a few features supported by the event registration subsystem in ACES:
  • Events can (optionally) identify locations in order to provide information on the location of the event to registrants. All room/location data is stored in a database table that includes the capacity of the room and other data.

  • Events can have registration restricted by a specific registration limit for the individual event, or by a limit based on the capacity of the room/location. Limits can be adjusted online at any time, and provisions exist for administrative overrides to limits on courses that are already filled.

  • Events can be restricted to specific conference tracks, and event registration is limited to the specific days a registration is valid for the conference. This prevents someone with a one day registration from having access to a multi-day event schedule.

  • There is essentially no limit to the number of events that can be stored in the system.

  • Events can be free to some conference tracks, and require an additional fee for other tracks. There is complete flexibility for charging various rates for events during the conference. These fees are rolled into the payment required when the user completes the registration process.

  • The use of the event registration subsystem is optional. If there are no events listed for a specific conference track, the system automatically forwards to the next subsystem in the registration sequence.

  • Full reporting is available for registration rosters, event summary reports, and location-based reporting for event resource planning.
Many associations and organizations that host large conferences have found that the hotel registration process can either add a lucrative income stream to the conference host in the form of commissions, or can be used to negotiate special rates for conference attendees. As such, the hotel registration subsystem is tailor-made for conferences that like to provide hotel registration as part of an integrated registration process. Here are a few features supported by the hotel registration subsystem in ACES:
  • Support for multiple hotels. Allows the user to choose one or more hotel rooms based on location, pricing, and other factors. Each hotel can have an independent number of rooms blocked out along with an independent registration deadline date.

  • Support for multiple types of hotel rooms. This allows the host to offer more than one type of room in a specific hotel.

  • Provision for various room options, including non-smoking, bed type, reservation guarantee, handicapped access, and special requests (crib, fax machine, etc).

  • No practical limit to the number of hotels or hotel rooms that can be offered through the system.

  • Provides email updates to the hotel for each new registration, room change request, or cancellation (use is optional).

  • Hotel registration reports for each hotel. This report can be given to the hotel to lock in registrations captured through the system. This report can also be used to determine commissions and other data.

  • Credit card charges for hotel rooms are captured by the hotel, not the hotel registration subsystem. This removes the conference host from any disputes between the hotel and a conference registrant.

  • Web link (URL) for each hotel, allowing the potential registrant to view the hotel's web page before making a registration.

  • Hotel registration subsystem is optional. If there are no hotels in the hotel table, the registrant is simply advanced to the registration summary page.
The payment processing subsystem provides real-time online billing of credit cards for the conference registration system. Here are a few features supported by the payment processing subsystem in ACES:
  • We do not require our clients to use our credit card merchant account, and we do not charge clients based on what they charge registrants to register for the conference. Instead, we have a straight forward $3.00 per registrant charge, regardless of how many people attend and much the registrants are charged.

  • We support online credit card processing through your own account using either PayPal or Authorize.Net. Both of these services offer a virtual terminal capability for handling charges for phone, FAX, and email registrations, including the capability to handle refunds and partial reversals.

  • Payment subsystem processes charges for conference registration and event charges (if any).

  • Provision is included for complementary registrations (no cost). In this case, the registrant is simply advanced to the hotel registration subsystem (if active).

  • Administrative support allows the conference administrator to credit all or part of the fee, and to accept invoicing as a payment option.

  • Changes to registration data, including conference tracks and events, are captured and billed by the payment subsystem.
The administrative subsystem provides a series of web pages, reports, and capabilities to the conference administrator. This allows the conference administrator to modify existing registrations, change fees, update tables, and obtain information on the conference in real-time. Here are a few features supported by the administrative subsystem:
  • Administrator mode is controlled by a userid and password, which can be updated by the administrator at any time. Support exists for multiple administrator accounts.

  • The administrative control page puts all administrative features for updating the system on a single web-page. Tools are provided to modify database tables, modify registrations, and obtain reports.

  • Registration data can be downloaded into CSV (comma separated values) format for use with office tools like Microsoft Excel.

  • Support for BadgePro in order to create badges for conference attendees.

  • Full name search capability to find registrants in the database by name or company.

  • Registration summary screen allows the administrator to scroll through individual registrations, view registration details, email registration data to attendees, and cancel an existing registration.

  • No effective limit to the number of conference attendees, events, hotels, or any other element -- the system is totally database enabled. Independent SQL queries can be used to collect one-time queries for information purposes.

  • System includes financial reports in order to see financial status of registrations in real-time.

From a technical standpoint, ACES is an enterprise-based distributed application using multiple, redundant web servers, database servers, and messaging servers. ACES robust technical architecture can support exceptionally high transaction volumes in excess of over one million registrations per day while providing constant backup and redundancy to support service levels that exceed 99.999 percent uptime. All of the ACES servers are co-located in a secure facility outside Washington, DC, with multiple high-speed connections to the Internet, backup power generation and filtering, and redundant cooling.

In addition to all of the current features in ACES, we are about to release the next generation of our software -- Version 3.0. All of our existing clients will be upgraded to Version 3.0 at no additional charge. If you would like to learn more about the ACES conference and event registration system, call us toll free at 866-492-8820, or send email to .

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