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Software Development
Accelix has a substantial amount of experience in the development of applications that utilize the Internet to provide services and information. We have built high-volume mail servers, email spam management systems, search engines, web applications with database back-ends, encrypted transaction servers, and a host of other tools and applications.
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Network Engineering
Whether you are a small company that wants to connect a few remote offices together, or a growing Internet service provider that needs to seasoned experts to assist you in providing reliable Internet service to your customers, Accelix has the expertise to make your company successful.
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Website Design
At Accelix, we have plenty of experience designing and building websites. We have built many different kinds of websites, including modern looking graphicly-rich websites, cutomer-centric e-commerce websites, customer support and informational websites, and business overview websites. We understand how to use graphics to convey a marketing image to viewers, how to organize data to make things easy to find, and how to make your pages load quickly over the Internet.
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Network Security
Good network security is more than just a firewall. Good network security means understanding which services are vulnerable and implementing strategies to address those areas. As a software engineering company, Accelix has a strategic view toward network security. Because the software we write must also run over insecure networks in many instances, we understand the means hackers use to exploit networks and gain access to systems and applications.
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Consulting and Training
Accelix is more than just a software and network engineering firm -- we are a full service consulting firm. We can help you define your requirements, provide conceptual and detail design assistance, write and test software applications, amd install and configure your systems and hardware to support your applications.
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Internet Services
Accelix has its roots in the Internet services industry. Before establishing Accelix in August 2000, the founder of Accelix built a successful Internet company in 1993 called US Net. US Net eventually grew to over 5,000 customers and a network that covered three states until it was sold to a cable company in October 1999.
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