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Accelix is more than just a software and network engineering firm -- we are a full service consulting firm. We can help you define your requirements, provide conceptual and detail design assistance, write and test software applications, amd install and configure your systems and hardware to support your applications.

Our people are the best and brightest in the industry. They come from backgrounds that include Big 8 consulting firms, state and federal government consulting, telecommunications industry consulting, and technology services consulting. We are current with the latest methodologies for project management, systems design, and software development. And we have proprietray tools and technologies of our own that allow us to build applications faster and better quality than our competitors.

In addition to consulting, we also provide training on a wide variety of technical topics, including software development methodologies for web-based applications, perl language programming, web design and development, network security, TCP/IP, and telecommunications technology. We can customize our courses to focus on specific areas, and we can tailor our presentations for specific audiences, such as senior technical staff, sales and marketing staff, or customer support staff.

If your company would be interested in leaning how Accelix can provide consulting services to help you reach your objectives, send email to or call us at 301-572-2908.

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