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Accelix has its roots in the Internet services industry. Before starting Accelix in August 2000, the founder of Accelix formed a successful Internet company in 1993 called US Net. US Net started providing Internet services to businesses when the Internet was still operated by the National Science Foundation (NSFNET) and before the Internet was open to commercial traffic. As the Internet grew, US Net provided leading edge connectivity solutions and consulting to businesses to help them capture opportunities. By the time US Net was sold to a cable company in 1999, the company had a network that spanned three States and had over five-thousand customers. US Net's combination of network engineering and software expertise made it highly successful.

The Internet has changed with the introduction of low-cost, high-speed Internet access over DSL and cable. As such, the only way for an Internet company to sell connectivity and remain viable in the long run is to own the infrastructure that delivers those services. This dynamic has eliminated smaller Internet service companies and delivered the connectivity business to the telephone and cable industries.

While Accelix does not provide Internet access, we do provide a wide range of Internet services to customers. These services include:

  • Website hosting, including support for CGI scripts, SSL, daily web reporting, and monitoring.

  • Database hosting and consulting services for MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

  • Domain name management services (DNS) for customer domain names.

  • Virtual email hosting with options for spam control, forwarding, and authentication-based email relay services.

  • Email list hosting using the industry standard Mailman list delivery software.

  • Standard and encrypted delivery of email over POP3 and IMAP email protocols, as well as support for web-based email.

  • Network monitoring and reporting services.

  • Colocation services on our network backbone.

  • Router configuration assistence, firewall configuration help, and network engineering consulting.

  • System administration services for UNIX and Linux systems.
If you are interested in leaning more about Accelix's Internet services, send email to or call us at 301-572-2908.

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