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Without the expertise, network engineering can be a daunting, time-consuming process for a company to accomplish. Competing protocols, remote office inter-connections, VPN's, wireless networks, network security, and hardware from multiple vendors can complicate the process dramatically. Ideally, you would like to support connectivity to all areas of your company without compromising network security. You also don't want to spend a fortune building your network. Accelix can help.

Accelix has unique qualifications in the area of network engineering. Before Accelix, the founders of the company created a successful Internet company in 1993 called US Net. US Net was providing Internet services to businesses before the Internet was open to commercial traffic. US Net was there while the Internet was evolving. By the time US Net was sold to a cable company in 1999, the company had a network that spanned three States and had over five-thousand customers. US Net's combination of network engineering and software expertise made it highly successful. This same set of skills was carried into Accelix when it was formed in August 2000.

Whether you are a small company that just wants to connect a few offices together, or a growing Internet service provider that needs to seasoned experts to assist you in providing reliable Internet services, Accelix has the expertise to make your project a success. Here are just a few of the technologies we can help you with:

  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN), remote office inter-connection, and employee telecommuting.

  • Private networks using point-to-point circuits (DS0/DS1/DS3), ISDN, frame relay, or ATM technology.

  • Wireless networks, including 802.11b and 802.11g protocols, WAP and WEP encryption, and other related wireless technologies.

  • Routing protocols that include BGP, OSPF, and RIP.

  • Network services that include DHCP, RARP, TFTP, and others.

  • Network monitoring and reporting, including SNMP protocol and cron-based monitoring and measurement applications.

  • Internet services that include FTP (file transfer), SSH (secure telnet and file transfer), SMTP (email), DNS (domain name services), HTTP and HTTPS (web services), POP3 and IMAP (local email delivery), NNTP (news), IRC (relay chat),

  • Dial-up services using terminal servers.

  • BSD UNIX and Linux system configuration and administration.

  • Security and authentication protocols, including RADIUS, TACACS, LDAP, and Kerberos.

  • Host and network intrusion detection software.

  • Open source software, including Apache, BIND, Jabber, web email clients, and other common open source applications.

  • Database software installation, including MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB/2, and Postgres.

  • Cisco equipment specification, configuration, and maintenance.

  • Email spam prevention, relay management via SASL authentication, SSL encrypted local mail services, mail anti-virus filtering, virtual email hosting, and high-volume scalable email delivery for organizations with large numbers of subscribers.
If you are interested in discussing what Accelix can do to help your company build or expand your network, send email to or call us at 301-572-2908.

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