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Service-based organizations need customer service applications that can do more than just track problems. Accelix's work flow management system (WFMS) allows you to define common tasks that are required to provision services for customers. These tasks can span departments, be dependent upon the completion of other tasks, and can spawn the start of new tasks when the task at hand is completed.

Work flow is more than simply defining and initiating all of the tasks that go into a project -- it also requires tracking and reporting. WFMS knows how long it takes to complete a task, and can send email alerts to specific managers when tasks exceed specific time thresholds. Reports are available to track the number of projects and tasks completed, the amount of work in the queue, and the amount of work being performed by employees. The net result is faster isolation and escalation of problems, greater work throughput, and higher customer satisfaction.

WFMS uses a web-based interface for entering, tracking, and updating tasks. Managers can use a web interface to track the progress of projects, events, and employees on a real-time basis. Email reporting allows notification of new tasks, re-assigned tasks, and completed tasks. Email summaries are also provided on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. Reports from the system can be directed to paper, or sent via email on demand using the administrative web interface.

WFMS is written completely in structured Perl and uses the MySQL database manager for data storage. This system can run in either a UNIX or Windows server environment and can easily support event queues in excess of 100,000 active tasks. If you would like to learn more about WFMS, send email to or call 301-572-2908.

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