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Accelix Web Billing System
The Accelix Web Billing System (WBS) is a web-based billing system for service organizations that need to track and manage billing for both recurring and non-recurring services. WBS is ideal for Internet service providers, web-hosting providers, refuse collection services, and any type of activity that must be billed on a recurring basis. Some of the features provided by WBS include:
  • Support for both recurring and non-recurring billing, including one-time charges, setup charges, and hourly service billing.

  • Easy-to-use, secure, web-based interface allows billing personnel to be able to use the system from any PC with a web browser.

  • Userid and password management allows administrator to restrict specific functions for individual users.

  • Search capability allows retrieval of data by name, company, address, or telephone number.

  • Can easily support 250,000 or more customers running on a standard Pentium 4 PC running FreeBSD UNIX with 1 GB of RAM. There are no practical limits built into the system for any type of data, and faster hardware, database clustering, and other techniques can be used to handle a million or more users easily.

  • Reports include aged accounts receivable, revenue accruals, current billing, monthly closing, daily payments received, revenue by service, services summary, system integrity, daily service churn report, and dozens of SQL-based custom queries.

  • Customer database integrates easily with the Accelix Workflow Management System (WFMS), so customer support, provisioning, billing, account status, and accounts payable work in an integrated manner.

  • Supports both invoice-based billing and automated credit card billing. Invoice billing sends email invoice as well as a printed invoice.

  • Credit card billing sends email notification of payment along with invoice. Credit card declines are automatically emailed to the customer along with the reason for the decline.

  • New services are enabled instantly through auto-provisioning in the billing system. New scripts can be added for any service to create a new service, disable an existing service, re-enable an existing service, and disconnect a service.

  • Billing system accommodates complementary services, special pricing, term-based services with automatic termination, and other useful features.

  • Billing system can be easily integrated with the Accelix OpenCart shopping cart in order to track data on online purchases against current customers.

  • Support for customers to view their billing history online, pay their bill online, and make service requests. Customers receive email notification for any online payment or service request activity.

  • Secure online payment interface to Authorize.Net provides real-time credit card authorization and capture.
WBS is written entirely in Perl and uses the open source MySQL database manager for data storage. The system can run in either a Windows or UNIX server environment, and supports SSL encryption for secure administration. If you would like to learn more about the Accelix Web-based Billing System, send email to or call 301-572-2908.

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